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Learning at COOKING ON THE VEG and taking our nutrition education and cooking classes will help you to achieve optimal health and wellness. When you join us for a series or class, you’ll enjoy a vibrant learning atmosphere and learn how to cook easy, budget friendly and healthy plant-based foods. Learn more nutritional information to common questions and areas below.

PCRM Nutrition in a Nutshell


What is protein and how do I get it on a whole food vegan diet?

PCRM Nutrition in a Nutshell


Find out what causes diabetes and how to prevent it!

PCRM Nutrition in a Nutshell

Addictive Foods

The phenomenon of food addiction can cause some people to continue eating beyond the point of fullness or satisfaction. Stephen Neabore, M.D., of Barnard Medical Center, discusses this relatively new topic of food addiction.

PCRM Nutrition in a Nutshell

Excess Weight

Looking for ways to lose weight? Watch this Nutrition in a Nutshell for key steps to losing fat.


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